Audacity goes to Hair Fair 2008!


Well, I survived hair fair preparations!  My primary pc, however, has not, it crashed…and doesn’t seem to want to live.  And of course…I did not have backups of ad templates and things….so….perhaps a new look for Audacity too 🙂

Hair Fair 2008 opens it’s doors Friday, August 22.  You will find Audacity there, perhaps with not as much done as I would have liked, but considering my day, I’m quite happy with what did get there.  We are located on the Orange sim, the Rezzable Discover

Audacity @ Hair Fair 2008

Audacity @ Hair Fair 2008

I have three styles at Hair Fair, all part of a series called “the Moods of Audacity”  They are Despair (a short, mixed up male and female style), Frazzled (a longer mixed up style, with a bit more flex, and color change headband) and Silence (a fat, loose, but tidy updo).  You may try the demos at OnRez, all 54 colors will be available at Hair Fair the the duration of the event.  Half of all sales for Frazzled will go directly to the Hair Fair 2008 charity Locks of Love.   While visiting the Audacity booth, make sure to grab the gift too!  Keep a watch out for many fun Hair Fair activities.  It promises to be a great two weeks.


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