Very Important Hair Fair Reminders and Info

(I sent this notecard out to Hey Girlfriend! group in world, thought I would post it here too so more could be reminded Hair Fair 2008 is soon over. It is too good a cause and event to miss out!)

Just a reminder, Hair Fair 2008 will come to an end Sunday night.  I went around a bit this morning, and there is very little lag, only a few people at each sim.  Crazy for a Saturday, I hope that means you all have been there already but in case you forgot…go now!!!

Read on, lots of info here about what you’ll find at Hair Fair 2008, even if you’ve already been, you’ll want to know how much has been raised so far!

Do not miss out on all the freebies there….seriously, I haven’t even checked all of them yet, there are sooo many!  With 87 designers, and most having at least 1 freebie or dollarbie out….thats a lot of stuff!!!

Remember too,  each vendor there has at least one hair that, if purchased at hair fair, 50% of its price goes to Locks of Love.  Even if you don’t have time to check all the hair, tomorrow will be the last chance for this donation!!!!  The hair vendors will be moving the hairs to their shops, you’ll be able to buy later..but…not with the donation to Locks of Love!

Tomorrow will also be the last chance to get your bid in on the one of a kind Hair Fair Coterie Hair!!!  There are 6 styles, each an original creation by a team of designers.  Here is an LM to where you can go see each one, and submit your bid.  I am really quite suprised the bids are not lots higher…so get up there and get your bid in! You could be the proud owner of a one of a kind hair! And they are great styles too!! Proceeds from this auction will of course go to Locks of Love also!

Also, Sunday the 7th is Bandana Day!  I know I will going bald for the day, as I hope all of you will.  The Hair Fair is full of some very clever bandanas to purchase, each for 1L, which goes to Locks of Love also.  So lets all remove our hair for the day for Locks of Love.   Each sim at Hair Fair, has a central area with bandanas, go look for your favorite designers or a fun bandana and we’ll all have so much fun on Sunday going around wearing them!!!!

As of Saturday AM, L2430780 has been raised for Locks of Love!!!  Lets help get that number up even higher!!!  Also note, most hair shops also have donation kiosks if for some reason you are not able to get to Hair Fair.  I have one at Audacity.

Thanks so much for reading this far, and for your attendance and purchases and donations for Hair Fair 2008!!  This was my first time as a participant, and already I cannot wait til 2009!  Its been so exciting being a part of this! I am so totally proud to be part of this, such a good cause, and such amazing response from all of you!




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