December Releases at Audacity

I’m a little late getting around to blogging these, but ..better late then never is always my motto.  

Ana and Amanda – two styles for the girls, one long, one pulled back into a pony.  


Audacity & Cramz are participating in the Peace on Earth Grid Wide Hunt. I must credit John Lennon and my dear friend Reghan Straaf for their inspiration that led me to create this particular hair for this hunt.  You’ll find the Imagine hair, in all 54 colors, as well as a pair of glasses, a Cramz build tutorial, and an Audacity Homeware candle created by Edward Gynoid, in the Globe at Audacity.  Stop in and grab it, as well as info on this awesome hunt if you haven’t started it yet.  It is the one hunt you do not want to miss this season.


Also, for fun and your holiday self-decoration, the Audacity Strap-On Christmas Ball.  Ribbons and ball scripted for color change to match any festive wardrobe.


All can be found at Audacity


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