Audacity – New Location, New Textures Coming Soon

As it happens, life and slife throws a few kinks in plans…which is why I often don’t make any.  There was a plan, a plan for a nice simple sim move  this upcoming weekend, removing all the current hair textures, laying down a few styles with the new textures, on the new sim..for a nice new fresh start. Due to an…Oops of sorts with the new owner of the old sim…Audacity @ WoE on Serendipity Drive has closed sooner then expected.  As soon as I get myself together, things will start being placed at the new sim. Expect shiny new textures, finally, and some shiny new styles too, as well as some old favorite styles, but…the old textures are gone for good. As far as this weeks Hump Day sale, there will be a few styles that are not planned on being redone that will be placed out for the sale . Keep watching for news on that here. Also keep watch for some gifts and hunts and things coming soon! Much excitement coming now that these new textures are done. Now, if only SL would cooperate with log ins and crashing!


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