Hump Day @ Audacity Week 7

It’s Hump Day time again at Audacity!! For this week, a few changes in things.  First….a new home for Audacity, make sure you are using the correct LM for the Zion Sim.  This was a planned move but leaving the old came a bit sooner then expected so for today, you won’t find much at Audacity other then today’s 69L items.
For this week, a few styles (only two of them shown here) that I do not plan to be bringing back in the new textures.  I have arranged 5 colors – Buttered Rum, Charcoal, Cocoa, Dark Chocolate and Rust into a Sampler Pack just for 69L.  Also the Audacity Christmas Ball – Strap On edition, just for fun is priced at 10L thru Christmas.   I may be adding more as the day goes on but with RL, I have been limited on time today.
You’ll find them on the walls in the new shop, just purchase the packing box to receive your items.  Demos are available, as always.

Come on in to the new Audacity Main Store and check things out on our new sim…..but please pardon the mess and be patient, all the favorite styles will be returning soon but with all new textures, and watch for some new styles too!!

Make sure to grab the PoE gift for a sneak peak at the new textures!!!!!


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