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Hump Day @ Audacity – Week 45 – New Hair!

It’s been a busy RL summer but things are again happening at Audacity.

Audacity has a new style today.

Audacity Lucy

You can preview it for Hump Day with two pak options at 69L each.
Audacity Lucy - 69L Pak 1
Audacity Lucy - 69L Pak 2
Be sure to visit the other stores in this weeks Hump Day! Happy Shopping!

Week 45 Participating Stores
Sinful Pleasures
Mango, Mango!
GL Designs
TreeHouse Treasures


Hump Day @ Audacity – Week 31 – New Jewelry and Hair Too!

It’s Hump Day!!!!
Two styles for today’s Hump Day!   You’ll find both of today’s styles at Audacity just inside the door on the wall, and both available in the Ad Pak (which include all the colors shown in the ad) and in two regular color paks for 69L each .  A great chance to check out a new style, or grab a favorite in a new color,  for a great price!

Audacity Hilary

Audacity Paige

Also today, something new , a set of cowry jewelry, perfect for your summery and beachy looks. Specially priced for Hump Day  @ 69L today only.

Audacity Jewelry - Conchetta

Find the new jewelry set and today’s Hump Day Hair at the Audacity Main Store.
Don’t forget to visit the other stores in this weeks Hump Day shopping!

Audacity News – New Jewelry and Hump Day Specials

It’s Hump Day!!!!
Two styles for today’s Hump Day at Audacity! You’ll find both of today’s styles just inside the door on the wall, and both available in the Ad Pak (which include all the colors shown in the ad) and in two regular color paks for 69L each .  A great chance to check out a new style, or grab a favorite in a new color,  for a great price!

Audacity Layla

Audacity Cinde

Also today, something new .  It’s been a long time since I’ve made anything besides hair and I am very excited,  and hopefully will be doing lots more.  For today only, preview the new Dolphin Love Necklace and Pendant set at 69L, hurry in and try it before it goes to regular price.

Audacity - Dolphin Love - Wood

Stop in at Audacity before the sale is over, and don’t forget to visit the other stores on today’s Hump Day List too.

Hump Day @ Audacity – Week 19

Happy Green Hump Day!!!!  Three styles today at Audacity
Two available today only for getting the green on….one for the guys and one for the girls.  Special packaging on this one, get 6 Leprechauny colors for 69L…and if you can get the Fat Pak for a low price too.

And also for today..Layla in the 3 color Ad Pak for HdH.

Make sure to visit all the stores in this weeks Hump Day List and join our in world group to keep updated.

New Hair at Audacity!

Two new styles today at Audacity….

Kurt for the guys (and you girls that like short hair will love to wear Kurt too)…and Kate, which was previewed on Wednesday.

Audacity Kurt

Audacity Kate

Both are available in the full range of 34 colors. Come on in soon and try a demo, and don’t forget to check the Lucky Chair Hair for your letter!

Hump Day at Audacity – Week 17

Two styles this week at Audacity.

Audacity Kate

The brand new Kate, short and flirty and Heidi, a long time customer favorite, redone with new textures. For just 69L, you get the colors shown…a great way to preview the new hair!

Audacity Heidi

Make sure to visit our Flickr group, or join our in world group to get the full list of this weeks Hump Day participating stores.

New Hair at Audacity!

3 new styles up this week at Audacity for the guys and the gals too.

Audacity Taya

Audacity Taye

Audacity Tayler

Be sure to check the Lucky Chair too – you’ll find Tayler, in two colors,  has been added!

Audacity LC Tayler - Scarlet

Stop in soon to try the demos, catch your letter and be sure to join the SOM too.

Hump Day and Newness at Audacity

It is an exciting Hump Day @ Audacity this week!!! The new textures are up and and you’ll find some at 69L for the sale!!!  I am so excited to finally have these out…I hope you are too and will come by to see them.  Just for today, I have placed one for the guys, and one for the girls too, near the center of the store, you can’t miss them. Please make sure to try the demo’s, they’re on the wall nearby.  Don’t miss this chance to get a peek at the new Audacity 2010 textures at this great low price.

Audacity Ana 2010 Ad - HdH

Audacity Rodik 2010 Ad - HdH

There are also some brand new styles in the store, I’ll be sending info on those later. Please bear with me while I catch up with things and I do thank you all for your patience.

Week 9 Participating Stores

Audacity –
Ilaya –
La Petite Morte –
Stellar by Lexi Morgan –
~*Crossroad Dreams*~ –
*Dreams* –
Grunge Inkorporated –
*~*HopScotch*~* –
IC-skins –
Moxie Polanos Haute Couture –
Tree House Treasures –
DM Designs Jewelry –
Moonshine Designs –
GL Designs –
Holli Pocket –
Sn@tch –

Audacity – New Location, New Textures Coming Soon

As it happens, life and slife throws a few kinks in plans…which is why I often don’t make any.  There was a plan, a plan for a nice simple sim move  this upcoming weekend, removing all the current hair textures, laying down a few styles with the new textures, on the new sim..for a nice new fresh start. Due to an…Oops of sorts with the new owner of the old sim…Audacity @ WoE on Serendipity Drive has closed sooner then expected.  As soon as I get myself together, things will start being placed at the new sim. Expect shiny new textures, finally, and some shiny new styles too, as well as some old favorite styles, but…the old textures are gone for good. As far as this weeks Hump Day sale, there will be a few styles that are not planned on being redone that will be placed out for the sale . Keep watching for news on that here. Also keep watch for some gifts and hunts and things coming soon! Much excitement coming now that these new textures are done. Now, if only SL would cooperate with log ins and crashing!

Have Your Cake & Wear It!

I really have never much liked my own birthday, and for the past 8 years I’ve had even more reason not to celebrate.  But this morning, while watching the memorial services going on in NY and other places, I decided to do something fun to lighten the mood.  So instead of working on the new hair textures, I made my version of a birthday cake.

Audacity Cake

Audacity Cake

Come on over to Audacity @ WoE, you’ll find it near the Lucky Chair, specially (almost freebie) priced in a 33 color Fat Pack.

I would also like to say that everyone affected by 911 is in my thoughts today, and always.

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